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Phailin Devastation
Phailin flood devastation

Rescue- relief- rehabilitation

Super Cyclone “HUDHUD” may hit Odisha Coastal area on 12th October, 2014. State sounds its Alert

Panic gripped people in South- coastal Odisha after the Indian meteorological department (IMD) indicated that the low pressure formed over Tenasserim coast and adjoining Andaman Sea has concentrated into a depression which is located 1380 Km South- East of Gopalpur (Ganjam) Odisha.
The depression will move in a west –north westerly direction and intensify into a deep depression within next 24 hours and further intensify into a Super-Cyclonic storm will be conformed hitting the South-Odisha Coast from 10th October to 12th October,2014, Now the Govt and other NGO is well prepared of their service for the possible cyclonic storm. The Chief Minister has reviewed the meeting on today. Odisha State Disaster Management Force has also be ready for Rescue and Relief operation in the Districts likely to be affected in the Cyclonic storm and all Govt Employee’s who are on leave to remain present at the District Headquarters during the period, said Deputy Relief Commissioner “Prabhat Mohapatra”
In this Context, Ganjam Disaster Response Forum has called emergency preparatory meeting with all disaster involved NGOs at Berhampur (Ganjam) on 8th Oct, 2014 at about 10 AM onwards and the joint decision was made a short notes prepared towards communicated to District Collector of Ganjam


Heavy Severe Cyclonic stormed “HUDHUD” already taken a shape of a very severe cyclone and will make landfall around North Andhra Pradesh and South Odisha Sunday afternoon. It will trigger heavy to extremely heavy rain fall in the Ganjam and Vishakhapatnam Diocese part of the both state. Heavy rainfall will continue till 15th October. It will increase the water level of all districts of the both state and surface wind blow at speed reaching up to 175 KMPH off Odisha and Andhra Coast and the sea condition now will remain rough to very rough from Saturday. Govt body advised fishermen not to venture into the sea Hudhud may cause devastation and bring with it even death and destruction. Indian Metrology department has predicted that this here was going to be a repeat of the 1999 super cyclone tragedy, When several thousands of lives were lost to a cyclonic storm that hit the state also warned of a severe cyclonic impact on Southern districts such as Ganjam, Gajapati, Malkangiri, Nowrangapur, Koraput , Rayagada, Puri and Khurda are likely to be affected
  • East coast Railway Play it safe: 36 Trains cancelled and Dozens diverted to other routes.
  • More than 3.5 lakh people have been evacuated
In this critical juncture, We have team formed a team to provide Rescue & relief to affected people in various areas across the state, To provide succor to victims of impending cyclone affected area.


Cyclone Ravage: HUDHUD causes extensive damage in Koraput, Rayagada, Gajapati and Malkangiri District of Odisha.

  • Wind speed rose to 180 Kmph in these areas
  • 3.37 lakh peoples were evacuated to safe places
  • Mismanagement at cyclone shelter irks evacuees.
  • Cyclonic storm HudHud has caused large scale damaged in the above district
  • 46020 Houses have been damaged
  • 7000 tree and 3500 Electric polls have also been uprooted in various parts. Causing disruption in power supply
  • Road damaged ai all above four district
  • All rivers have close to danger marks over flowing of water level
  • Patients suffer in dark at all Hospitals
  • Peoples are still marooned
  • Govt. on war mode with Relief distribution and Misuse of Govt. Relief
  • Now heavy rain continuing
  • The Odisha government may demand an assistance of Rs 1000 crore from the Centre towards damage caused to different sectors by the very cyclonic storm Hudhud.“We are going to make an overall demand of Rs 1000 crore to the Centre. Preliminary assessment has suggested the damage to power distribution infrastructure alone at around Rs 300 crore. Huge devastation to power distribution equipment has been noted in the southern districts of Rayagada, Gajapati and Malkangiri”, said a highly placed official source.
    The state government will send the memorandum to the Centre soon, detailing the damage from the cyclonic storm. The Special Relief Commissioner Pradipta K Mohapatra has urged all departments and district collectors to assess their damage from the cyclone and submit the same, latest by October 16.
    The memorandum would contain the number of villages hit by the cyclone, the rainfall received by the affected districts, extent of damage caused to kutcha houses and damage caused to roads and power distribution infrastructure. The compilation would also indicate the quantum of agricultural input subsidy needed
    The cyclonic storm Hudhud that struck the coast of Andhra Pradesh near Visakhapatnam on Sunday has caused extensive damage to the power infrastructure in five districts of the state - Koraput, Malkangiri, Rayagada, Nabarangpur and Gajapati. More than 1,500 people are at work to restore power supply in the affected districts.
  • Around 600 electricity poles and 20 power transformers were damaged as squally winds uprooted trees. Transmission lines and grid sub-stations, however, have survived the cyclonic storm.
  • The state government had evacuated 2, 47,829 people and shifted them to 2,197 safe shelters. The evacuated people have started returning to their homes except those whose houses have been severely damaged. Free kitchens have been provided to all the evacuated people in the shelters.
  • Preliminary estimates indicate damage to about 80,000 private dwelling houses most of which are mud and thatch dwellings. The damage to agricultural crops and industrial units in the MSME (micro, small & medium enterprises) sector is expected to be assessed in more than thousands of crore.
Name of the District Village/ Block No. of Beneficiary
Ganjam Antarabatia (Rangailunda Block) - Blanket 446
Gajapati Ramagiri –Subalada (R.udayagiri) –Blanket, Medicine & Glucose 142
R.udayagiri Upper Primary school Premises
– do-
Chellagada (R.udayagiri) –Blanket, Medicine & Glucose 89
232 Blankets had been distributed


The organization have been started / operation the Rescue, Relief Service at Kendrapada block, in the Flood effected Area.
The huge devastation flood effected in the whole area of coastal area of Kendrapada block, by the Natural Calamities & day Rescue & Relief operation was started.
At first, we were started Rescue operation and after we were taken / provide relief service by Biscuit, Molasses, Bitten Rice, Match Box, Candle, Cloth (dry food) and also performed kitchen camp in the following villages are _ Syamasundarapur Gadha, Dutiala, Gopa, Chagaria, Sidhipur, Purushottampur, Jagannathpur, Mendhakhia, Bhinpur, Tulupur, Bagada, Kalapada and Maharakul. More than thousands of needy peoples were mostly benefited by the Rescue & Relief Services through our dedicated Volunteers provided also such dry food, Kitchen food, Cloth, Fruits etc. of above the flood effected villages.


The organization has send 12 volunteers to start / initiates the Rescue, Relief service of Cholera wrost affected area of Thuamula Rampur block in Kalahandi district. Now there are more than 18 victims death toll rise and others are to be waiting for death.
In this situation, we have started rescue – The victims / affected peoples are identified and sending them to nearest hospital as well as our doctors are also treatment at their doorstep by our dedicated volunteers. We also have started Relief Service such as – Free Medicine distributed regularly for 10 days and free mass feeding (Cooked food) distributed for seven days at the affected villages in the block. More than 100 numbers of serious patients were obviously benefitted by our dedicated services


According worst hit and critical situation was made by natural calamities in Balasore flood affected villages. Our (PROGREESS) volunteers immediately rushed that place and started initially rescue service at Gopinathpur, Phuladi, Nuagam affected villages. As volunteers were identifying families in need among victims and dry food, kitchen food, cloth distributed and started to line up at the affected village towards were benefited by the dedicated service. Mostly elderly women, pregnant women, females to collect clothes / dresses by our Cooperative Humanitarian Service.


On 18-08-2010, sudden Diarrhea has started spreading vehemently, first in Rahada, Angaragam (Beguniapada block) in Ganjam district and Malligam, Gopinathpur & Talnagi (Thuamul Rampur block) in Kalahandi district.
The organization had rushed over there and immediately started rescuing services / referral service to nearest / higher institutions / Relief / Health camps were conducted and organized / Halogen – Bleaching & drinking water were distributed / dry & cooked food distributed. And somehow was able to make the situation less intense.
Diarrhea is wide spreading its tentacles at an alarming rate in the inaccessible pockets of tribal dominated zones in Malligaon, Gopinathpur & Talnagi (Thumula of Rampur block) of Kalahandi district and Sandhamula / Angaragaon / Gilinda, Khasua, Salabana, Bhabinipur, Kumbharagaon, Nuagada, Hansatuli, Sankhabhumi, Kumaripari & Faratapalli (Beguniapada block) of Ganjam district.
More than hundred people are affected and 32 persons died in Rahada of Ganjam District. We served more than hundreds of affected people without Health workers who were suppose to to reach most of the inaccessible area so far. Dr. Damodar Patro, M.O. I/c of Rahada PHC (N) and Dr. Sushil Rath, A.D.M.O. (P.H.) of Kalahandi and their Para medical staff helped us incessantly and provided the needed service towards the victims.

A very savior cyclonic storm “Phailin” (Category 5 Hurricanes) made land fall near Gopalpur-on-sea (Ganjam)
District of Odisha between 20.30 – 21.30 IST on 12th October, 2013 Night with wind speed of 250-285 kmph associated
with heavy rainfall leaving behind severe damaged and destruction. This further became worst followed by severe
Flood on 17th and 21st October , 2013 in the rivers of Bhudabalanga, Baitarani, Subarnarekha, Jalaka, Rushikulya,
Ghodahada, Badanadi, Mahendra-Taneya, Bahuda and its tributaries which marooned several thousands of villages and
cause heavy damaged to water bodies, standing corps, human habitation, Animal resources, Electricity, Communication,ie,
National Highway & state Highways, G.P. & village roads etc. and unprecedented losses to the communities at a large
multiple disaster affected around one crore sixty lakh people (1.60 lakh) population in 17 districts covering 19600
villages in 2040 Gram Panchayat of 155 Blocks. It is reported that around 7 lakh hectare of crop land and 4, 50,000 houses damaged.

  • Twin disaster losses put at 5,742 crore.
  • 7 Lakh people are home less.
  • 19 lakh trees were uprooted.
  • Energy sector incurred a loss of around 2000 crore due to damage of power infrastructure.
  • Out of 7,234 schools 6,057 elementary school, 81,177 High Schools bore the brunt of the twin disasters would need
    at least 328.42 crore for repair and restoration.
  • The incessant downpour damaged 557 rural roads of 1,389 km length under 19 rural works division of 13 affected
    districts also 1,094 Bridge and culverts damaged due to heavy downpour in the coastal areas.
Government Response:

One commendable work has been done that the Indian meterologists precisely forecasted about the “Phailin” and Flood
whiles the State government with cooperation of others. Teams for disasters mitigation, worked hard to evacuated 11, 54,637
peoples to safe places. As a result, life of many people could be saved.

In this critical juncture

Our organizations have done commendable work for the people badly hit by twin disaster affected people. The following rescue
and relief service have provided and its activities are:

Activities Report of Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) and PROGREESS:

had jointly been performed Animal carcasses
disposal more than 142 and Health, Hygiene & Sanitation care and protection campaign had taken up in more than 5 Slums in Berhampur
Municipal Corporation areas. Now we are planning for beginning Health camp in the affected areas.

Animal carcasses disposal more than -142 :-

  • Digapahandi Block -27
  • Sanakhemundi Block -32
  • Chikiti Block -68
  • Chatrapur Block -31

(Our Coastal centre was -Dist Collector Office campus, Dist Excise office campus in Chatrapur , Block Headquarter office campus, Ganjam. Gopinath U.P School at Humma, Gopal krushna Science College, Subalaya, UG.M.E School & DNT UP School, Subalaya and Karapada UP School)

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation care and protection campaign:-

Cleaning House and volunteers supports for its Renovation works, Pure drinking water supply, Supply of Bleaching power & Halogen tablets and Dry Food distribution was successfully held at Raghupati Nagar, Depo street, Bijipur Bauri street, Near-Radio station and Spectrum colony Slum dweller area in Berhampur Municipal Corporation area. And Sanitation and Cleaning service had done in Chatrapur and Ganjam Block and more than thousands of victims were benefited by our dedicated sacrifice services in the needy/destitute area. We look forward for your cooperation for relief work.

Activities Report of Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) and PROGREESS had jointly been performed Dry Food relief Distribution.

(Chatua -1 KG & Biscuit – 4 Packet distributed for each family )on the following places:

29.10.2013 Kanchara Harijana Street Rajapur Ganjam 45
  Rajapur Harijana Street Rajapur Ganjam 58
30.10.2013 Krupanidhipentha Sunupur Chikiti 65
  K .Sumandi Sumandi Chikiti 26
  Bada Eksingi Eksingi Chikiti 164
  Sana Eksingi Sunupur Chikiti 30
Total Number of Destitute benefited 388

More than 388 destitute were benefited. It is for your kind information.

AMURT distributed Blankets amongst “Failine” affected People:

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team had distributed Blankets at Antarbatia, Bikramapur (Karapalli Panchayat of Rangailunda Block) and Tanganapalli Panchayat (Chatrapur Bolck). In the leadership of AMURT Sartorial Secretary Ac’ Satyashrayananda Avt’. On that occasion volunteers and local inhabitants were present.
09.12.2013 Antarabatia Karapalli Rangailunda 195
09.12.2013 Balaji Nagar Karapalli Rangailunda 15
09.12.2013 Bikramapur Karapalli Rangailunda 10
09.12.2013 Tanganapallii Tanganapalli Chatrapur 55
09.12.2013 Berhampur Berhampur Berhampur 125
Total Number of Destitute benefited 400

AMURT distributed Blankets amongst “Failine” affected People:

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team had distributed Blankets at Subalada of Ramagiri Panchayat (R.Udayagiri Bolck) in Gajapati District. In the leadership of AMURT Sartorial Secretary Ac’ Satyashrayananda Avt’. On that occasion volunteers Saroj Ranjan Patnaik, Jogendra Sahu, Madhav Raita, Suratha Badamundi Atul Baliarsingh and Sarapancha of the respected village and local inhabitants were present.
10.12.2013 Subalada Ramagiri R.Udayagiri 100
10.12.2013 Digapahandi Digapahandi Digapahandi 10
Total Number of Destitute benefited 110

Also medicine / Glucose distributed at Govt. Project upper Primary School at Chelagada (R.Udayagiri Block) in Gajapati District. More than 100 Students were benefitted by the dedicated services of AMURT.

Enumerators Induction Training & UNICEF – WASH (WAter Sanitation Hygiene) Survey Programme-

Enumerators Induction Training & UNICEF – WASH (WAter Sanitation Hygiene) survey Programme was successfully held at Rangailunda Block in Ganjam District with collaboration of UNICEF & Ganjam Disaster Response Forum (GDRF) in devastation ” Philine” and Flood affected area.

Mr. Sailesh from Gujrat (Civil Engg., Disaster Management.), Mr. Victor and Mr. Deepak Roy (Consultant) Representatives of UNICEF were trainee with our coordinators,

The following schedule survey programme was conducted by our organization.
Block Gram Panchayat No. Village Date of Intervention Enumerator
Rangeilunda Boxipalli 01 Boxipalli 14-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
    02 Venkatraipur 14-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
    03 Digipuri 14-11-2013 S.N.Behera
  Golabandha 04 Golabandha 15-11-2013 S.N.Behera
    05 New Golabandha 15-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
  Indrakhi 06 Markandi 15-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
  Karapalli 07 Antarabatia 16-11-2013 S.N.Behera
    08 Tarinipentha 16-11-2013 S.N.Behera
    09 Jyoti Nagar 16-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
  Keluapalli 10 Garampeta 17-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
  Narayanpur 11 Mansurkota 17-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
  Mantridi 12 Mantridi 17-11-2013 S.N.Behera
    13 Bayali 18-11-2013 S.N.Behera
  Kolathigam 14 Kolathigam 18-11-2013 S.N.Behera
    15 Dasapur 18-11-2013 S.K.Sahu
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