Conservation of Bio- diversity, Maize Marketing (Promotion) & Strengthening of Livelihood Programme

The Tribal women inhabitants of Subalada, Foka, Mangarajpur (Ramagiri) of R.Udayagiri block in Gajapati District were unwilling to come back out of fear of heavy struggle for living condition,

They are creating many women community dwelling. However these villages are right next to reserved forest and many wild animals had been suffering by involved smuggling animal product, valuable tree (used for housing & making bricks), Herbal & tribal products along with maize. The propagation of Prevention of cruelty against animal & plant (PCAP) and the demand that the local people should have control over the sale of Forest- Agricultural- Herbal produce as mandated by the Forest Rights Act (FRA). Despite facing many problems, they are now moving forward with new plans for expanding the farming, developing sericulture, Maize cultivation, Rubber Plantation, Vegetable corps & Medicinal herb and unit for Holistic health. Now they are determined to Struggle against all odds.

In this context, The organisation had been taking many programs like capacity building training , organised & involved scientific organic cultivation by Yogic process. And formation of                Women groups & their marketing for liaison with upward.

Conduct Plantation Programme:

The organization has enacted “Banamahoschhav” Plantation programme was held in Berhampur city  from 1st July ,2016 to 10th July,2016 with collaboration of Berhampur BDA ( chairmanship of Subash Maharana ) and Berhampur MLA (Dr.Ramesh Chandra Chhayu Patnaik) had also been active cooperated with the program. We have covered road side plantation at all over Baikuntha Nagar. Bijipur Main Road, Goilundi, Sana Bazar ,Prem Nagar and many other places in the City.

Awareness Meeting (House hold adoption) of Alternative Renewal Energy:

The organisation was taken the meeting programme of” House hold adoption of alternative renewal energy” during the critical condition of Hydro & Thermal electrical energy cost being rise on day to day and always we have now been depended secondary corporate producer.

The alternative renewal energy are plenty of available in Natural resources, we should obey the maximum utilization & rational distribution of the alternative renewal energy like Solar, Wind, Bio-mass, Nuclear etc. The alternative Renewal energy also creates eco-balance and controlling climatic change condition. In this context, we conduct a meeting & awareness at Berhampur on 4th Sept, 2016. That, How to maximum stakeholder shall be use with “House hold adoption of Alternative Renewal energy” Environmentalist expert on climatic change Ac’ Kalyananda was preside over the said meeting, more than hundreds of participants were attended in the meeting.


S & I of Vansadhara river at Neradi Barrage”.(R-4-Near village Badigam.). Strip contour Survey of river Vansadhara near “Neradi Barrage” at village “Sara”

Objectives of the Baseline Survey.

The main objective of the baseline survey is to assess the impact of various interventions at the end of third year in respect of the following parameters. Increase in area under irrigation, Increase in productivity of paddy, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables & spices.

  • Increase in cropping intensity, Enhancement of collection of water tax, Increase in PP membership contribution, Crop diversification /intensification, Decrease in dependency on Grant-in-Aid, Increase in income of farm household, Marketing of Agricultural produces, Adoption of new sustainable technologies, Changes in cropping pattern, Increase in value addition , Coverage of cultivated area under SRI / Line sowing / line transplanting, Increase in B.C. ratio
  • In view of the above objectives detail information on the following areas will be collected at PP level.
  • Information on general feature of PP, Agro climatic information, information on land based system such as Agriculture Production System, Horticulture Production System, Livestock Production System, Fisheries Production System, Marketing System etc.
  • Present status of convergence.
  • Information on canal network and other sources of irrigation potential and utilization.
  • Information on coverage of area under selected crops, productivity of crops, cropping intensity, water tax collection, membership contribution, sources of income, utilization of GIA, cropping pattern, agri-marketing system etc.