The Organization (PROGRERSS) is being done a Social Market which a complete solution for high class wall finishing or wall coating. The product was used and develop ancient historical monuments like Agra, Aurangabad, Chittorgarh, Delhi, Mandu, Rajasthan (Jaipur) and other forts and Royal Palace in India.
The product increases the significance in the Art of Ancient Architectural Science. It makes to create positive vibration at the time of meditation in the room and the human body generates energy. This energy in the form of rays are reflected 75 to 79% from the product pasted walls. This way, in the room to create a special atmosphere and reluctant from stress management which will lead to effect many disease by the stress of human mind. So the plaster marble (wall coating) is highly needy for our society. The product is not compared with marble, granite, oil paints, plastic paints, wall paper, glazed tiles, distemper for silky touch.

• The product is the only premier / Ancient Historical Monumental Science based the kinds of wall coating in India and apply aesthetic colours and designs.
• It does not require second coat of cement plaster.
• It is Anti Algae, Anti-fungus, pest proof and moss resistance too. Dirt, dust and has no effect at all.
• It is high economic, time effective and long life span.
• It cuts air conditioning electricity bill cost 75% to 79% (it has been tested for Thermal conductivity as per I.S.O. 3346-1980 by Central Research Institute, Roorkee (March-2000).
• The product is water repellent, and fire retardant, durable.
• Product also stands ideal for houses situated near the sea coast.
• It is not effected by accumulation of moisture.
• The product is good Reflector of light as well, house will remain bright and shining all round the year.
The product is manufacturing by the Uttar Pradesh based N.G.O. (Sewaniketan) which will have been more employment opportunity in Orissa. The Sewaniketan is approved from Khadi and Village Industry Commissioner, Mumbai.
The Organisation had opened 2(two) office and training centers at (1) Bhubaneswar and (2) Berhampur at no profit no loss basis who have trained a large number of energetic diligent and intelligent young men and the mainstreaming activities have an more impact on some unemployment youth of village. They have taken this as a Philanthropic voluntary work and also have taken initiatives protection service of wall for Temple, Gurudwar, Mosques, Churches, Architectural Art, Houses and Water resources offices.
PROGREESS had taken mobile awareness service programme for more awareness campaign and propagating of the social marketing to all over Orissa (all District of Orissa).


Due to deforestation, PROGREESS have been doing Fibre Resin Product (Fibre manufacturing unit) for to save and protection of environment and its alternative product for door, window, sea-boat (instead of wood). The users are being more interested / benefited to propagating of low investment and high technology, high economic, time effective and long life span and different aesthetic design as well as it creates more employment generation in the rural and urban areas.
To prepare any kind of fiber material supplied to the interested house hold on marginal cost. People take pleasure to make ideal house. The low cost technologies are propagated by giving training with method, learning by doing, earning while learning. The facilities also self-help to rural poor.
PROGREESS have been acquired, training imparted and are doing social marketing also. In course of time PROGREESS, has reoriented itself to acquire new low cost technologies appropriate to rural and urban sector. The expertise and know-how available with PROGREESS is first of kind in the N.G.O. sector.


The emancipation of women from the strangle hood of dogmas and ignorance and the women’s struggle for rights has a long history. The last three decades, specially have brought these issues to forefront of social consciousness. All over the world women’s are awakening. No longer are they willing to remain silent in the face of oppression. They are finding their voices and the strength to fight. Now women are still under the yoke of exploitation. They have been rendered helpless by hundreds of years of imposed ignorance, superstition and inferiority complexes. The opportunists who have taken advantage of women fail to realize that by paralyzing women’s mind, the whole society becomes crippled. Now, for society to move forward, women must regain their self-confidence and take their rightful place in society.
We (society) are not as developed as we should be Why ? One of the reason is that society have kept women confined within the walls of their homes, resulting in the progress of only fifty percent of the population.
The dignity and rightful status of women must be re-established in both the collective and individual life. A true human society can only be created when all its members, male & female, young and old, black & white have equal opportunity to express all their potentialities in the mundane, psychic and ethical spheres. The emancipation of women to take place in the social sphere. Simply put, there are two points : first, women must become educated; secondly, women must become economically self-reliant.
Through education, women will become free from superstitions and dogmas that have been imposed on them. They will learn how to take care of their bodies, of their minds. They will learn the hidden history of women’s contribution to society. They will gain not only intellectual wealth, but the necessary self-confidence to employ that wealth for the benefit of the society.
When women gain economic independence from men, they will also win back respect. Dowry and other social ills will die natural death. As women gain economic self-reliance, they will gain a voice in the household as well as in the society-at-large. Men will not be able to impose their whims on women who are no longer economically chained to them.
Social, religious, and educational dogmas that oppress women will go the way of Slavery, and Sati. Women will find new opportunities for self-development, and in return be able to employ their special qualities for the benefit of all.
Hence, PROGREESS had been formed four Self-Help-Group (SHG) in Bhabinipur, Ambapua and Berhampur sub-urban area of Ganjam District Subalada & Laba in Gajapati district. Seventy two women’s are formed in the SHG Group – Women’s are getting more beneficial toward socio-economic development of women is very essential i.e. to formation of community, to become change in socially and economically standardization. Since it’s inception, it is pledged to the service of women community is irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex and has been actively and curative measures for reducing infant mortality through our publicity. The organization also train to some local young women’s and we suggest to keep and inform birth and death report to the nearest health center and Panchayat office. More than 300 women’s were participate in this programme. Sister Viikenna from Nairobi (South Africa) was conducted programme.
To draw up plan of action with a view to sensitizing the public with logistic support from register General of India.
The organization has organized 3 day skill-up-gradation (Economic self sented) for our SHG Groups / Writs, which to be started the house made consumer products manufacturing units at Berhampur. The 3 day residential skill-up-gradation training programme was held on 21, 22 & 23rd November, 2007 at Thirumulla Thirupati Kalyan Mandap (Bhubaneswar). 13 SHG Group is likely to 130 women’s were attended/participate on the said training programme.
AC ‘Rameswarananda Act’ A PROUT master unit (Resources person) from Berlin was main trainer of the training programme, Dr. S.C. Mishra (Dean Professor) of OUAT was Chief Guest of the Inauguration Season and Dr. Narayana Das (Retd. Director of Horticulture) was also trainer of this programme. The programme was created most positive effect and all are train-up as well trainer for set-up entrepreneur. How to stand own on the based of manufacturing unit (economic self sufficient) by their minimum required economic skill-up gradation training programme and according to fulfillment of their own needs.


We start the operation of watershed & sanitation programme at Nahaganda of Ganjam. In view of initial we take survey towards the village. The president and other members / volunteers are rush the place to survey & evaluation, after that we shall be starting / propagates the watershed and sanitation programme (construction).
Sanitation – to establish / formed Latrine for every household.
Watershed – to give facilities for drinking water and water for irrigation purpose of their agriculture land.


S & I of Vansadhara river at Neradi Barrage”.(R-4-Near village Badigam.). Strip contour Survey of river Vansadhara
near “Neradi Barrage” at village “Sara”.

Objectives of the Baseline Survey:

The main objective of the baseline survey is to assess the impact of various interventions at the end of third year
in respect of the following parameters. Increase in area under irrigation, Increase in productivity of paddy, pulses, oilseeds,
vegetables & spices.

  • Increase in cropping intensity, Enhancement of collection of water tax, Increase in PP membership contribution,
    Crop diversification /intensification, Decrease in dependency on Grant-in-Aid, Increase in income of farm household,
    Marketing of Agricultural produces, Adoption of new sustainable technologies, Changes in cropping pattern, Increase in
    value addition , Coverage of cultivated area under SRI / Line sowing / line transplanting, Increase in B.C. ratio.

In view of the above objectives detail information on the following areas will be collected at PP level.

  • Information on general feature of PP, Agro climatic information, information on land based system such as
    Agriculture Production System, Horticulture Production System, Livestock Production System, Fisheries Production System,
    Marketing System etc.
  • Present status of convergence.
  • Information on canal network and other sources of irrigation potential and utilization.
  • Information on coverage of area under selected crops, productivity of crops, cropping intensity,
    water tax collection, membership contribution, sources of income, utilization of GIA, cropping pattern, agri-marketing system etc.

In this scenario the organization has conducted the above said programme at S & I of Bansadhara villages of Badigam,
Chintalaguda, Palasing & Sara in surrounding of Neradi Barrage.