Organization has been initiates to development and commercialization of herbal Aromatic and Agricultural / horticultural product and its process /application through indigenous as well as modern technology. Significant improvement in the existing product / process of extraction / application along with substantial quality up gradation improved competitiveness in present marketing strategy. Development of technology of Health safety standard or improve upon them and satisfy domestic or International Environmental requirement or standard current or anticipated along with Development in Medical standard and providing socio-economical viability of Bio-medical process / equipment and to serve the farmer into technical assistant on post-harvest and quality control of essential oils, Aromatic chemicals raw material / product etc. facilities for the creation of fragrances and flavors along with facilities for information and documentation on the development in the field of fragrances and flavor, Agriculture & Horticulture and its Agro-Agrico product development.

To initiates Neo-humanistic approach in environmental science for sustainable development and achievement of economic goals to create all here the benefit of a healthy environment also the organization would continue to strive for –

  • Dedicating itself in the service of mankind by providing innovative and effective solutions to environmental and natural resource problems by neo-humanistic ideology.
  • Leadership in environmental science technology and management domestically and globally by working hand in hand with its partners.
  • Strong and effective working relationship with its stakeholders in ensuring ecological health.
  • Strive to enable individuals and organizations to achieve productive and sustainable use of natural resources in which all life and human activity depend.