Yoga, “Aasana & Pranayam” teaching program was held at Saraswati Sishu Bidya Mandir –Ramahari Nagar (Berhampur) on 21st June, 2015 in the occasion of International Yoga Day. More than 115 school students had been participated on the said proramme. Mr.Saroj Ranjan Patnaik (Secretary) of PROGREESS was Chief Guest and School Headmaster had preside over the programme .


Three day Yoga, Naturopathy & Meditation Residential training Camp was held at Bhubaneswar on 13,14 & 15 June 2007. More than 100 delegates were participated on the said programme. Every human & other living being develop the physical, mental & cosmological aspect in the human body. Ac’ “Nirmeghananda was the chief trainer. He was also create impact the out source of physical and mental development by the yoga & meditation for better health.


The organization has been organized a state level “Yoga Sikhya Sivir” (Bio-psycho –cosmological) 3 day residential seminar was held at Nilakantheswar temple, Berhampur city on 29th, 30th & 31st January, 2010. A special care has been taken to impart the techniques of Meditation by International fame Yoga teacher Ac’Guniindrananda Avt’. The participants in general and the students in particular. A new vision and methodology for the new era and also reflect upon various socio-moral / ethical alternatives for self transformation, Bio-psychological development. Yoga posture can prevent and cure disease. Meditation for higher consciousness and the meditation develops the infinite potentiality inside us all the mind can discover the endless peace and happiness within – concentration, memory, creativity, intuition, control of emotion, Efficiency in Action & Inner peace will must develop in the physical body / mind him/ herself.
The traineer had also discourse of the stress management, how to making self as physical fit, mentally strong and moral / ethical development / evaluate should remaining in every human being of the society.
In view of the “PROGRESS” has organized 3 day residential seminar Ac’ Guniindrananda & Japakrishnananda Avt’ were reveals / discourse towards the audience. More than 130 delegates have been benefited through moral training. Delegates were participated from all over Orissa. On this occasion, the organization has perform a mega public rally and public meeting. Hundreds of school / college students were benefited / participated during such programme.