Communication Management

  • To make the best use of resources we propose to develop a communication management system for effective management of the activities among team . Though the term of reference not call for such a system, the applicant will use this system a value addition for internal management of activities.
  • A common project specific email ID will be created to communicate among various offices. In consultancy and the communication would be utilized among the offices to transfer data, share and update information etc. Organization will have manage and monitor effectively the preparation of Plan and implementation of action using the communication management system.

Roles, Responsibilities and Broad Scope of Work of the Consultant:

The Consultant shall be responsible for Growth of fundraising and international project report writing along with providing manpower as required for formation of extended arm of different programmes for providing wholesome support for implementing Scheme.
Coordination and providing requisite support to the Govt. and other department time to Time for successful implementation of diversified plan, policy and programme in Odisha. -. Preparation of Inventory of existing Spatial Data, Ensuring accurate and time bound data entry through third party vendors and ,Reporting in the appropriate software developed by this department. Preparation of Capacity Building Plan and its execution

Goal Strategies and Structure:

  • Supporting communities to set Goal, Plan and Implement for themselves.
  • Supporting Government to respond to the community plans and fix quality standards and norms.
  • Motivation of communications to make best use of the services.
  • Influencing the policies to be more effective.
  • Promoting integrated programme management by the community.
  • Fostering partnerships.
  • Evidence- based advocacy through research and development.