With the strong support of PROGREESS, the Orissa is facing starvation of death, social injustice, and has little progress toward achieving the socio-economical development goal. Overall poverty rate in this state have normal, and little growth continue. Many Executive Members have taken the responsible and investment in health, Family Planning and Women’s welfare, Tuberculosis, RTI, Rescue-relief and rehabilitation and women’s child development, also have not reduced maternal and child mortality rates and lowered the incidence of communicable diseases.

Yet challenges remain and enormous efforts are still required. Women’s and girls do not always benefit equally with males from society. Public health problems continue to take toll rise on families and state. Disease such as HIV/AIDS-TB, Cancer, tuberculosis, Filarial and Malaria are major causes and effect of poverty in the region as it is the lack of access to save and scarcity drinking water as well as to sanitation. Although employment is a principal means to escape from poverty, many of the poorest and most vulnerable people, including the elderly, female heads of household and people with special challenges are unable to work.

Our many members furthermore, growth prospect of socio-economics during the first half of the year were subdued.

While the goal of reducing poverty continued to guide its little operation capacity building from Government and other organizations. Whether Govt. has done food for work programme but the intermediate business persons are exploiting to end users. The illegal network transmitted through various Govt. / Pvt. Department such as Block Authorities and suppliers. The PROGREESS also faced internal and external challenges and opportunities. PROGREESS personnel continued to adopt to new service process as well as RTI extensive reviews were completed with recommendations to further improve the efficiency of operations. A staff engagement survey pointed out specific issues and concerns that organization began addressing in 2020 – 2021 with the preparation of the new human resources and neo-humanism strategy.

Recognizing these complex issues, the Governing body of Executives supported PROGREESS management and staff in their efforts to improve institutional effectiveness and internal Governance and to demonstrative development impact.


The organization has solicited for receivable and helpful for sacrifice benevolent services of the society, ability to deliver its programme, organizational development impact, grant used for preparing projects and supporting advisory activities in areas such as law and policy reform, strengthening fiscal policies and procedures, good governance, capacity building, livelihood empowerment and natural resources management.

The main instruments for cooperate and coordinate and helping the PROGREESS are policy dialogue, loans, technical and developmental assistance, grants, voluntary contribution from donor, trust fund and other special funds from National and International organization and Government Departments.


The body of executive approved several policies, financial and administrative papers in 2020 – 2021. One was: Enhancing PROGREESS Role in financial stability and its service”. Another was the Review of the inspection Function that resulted in the establishment of a new accountability mechanism that is now in place. It consist two complementary functions – the consultation phase and the compliance review phase for consultation, a special project facilitator was appointed for compliance, the Executive Body appointment a full-time (whole timer) chair and part time members of a review panel and the body should taken compliance review committee to replace the members Executive Body inspection Committee. The new mechanism provides important structural and procedural means to address the concerns of project affected people, to improve project quality and to enhance development effectiveness.


Many of PROGREESS’s internal initiative explicitly and implicitly focused on result with greater emphasis on impact and outcome. Secretary and other members had been created to coordinate the work upward / downward of the changing focus and change arising from a new human resource strategy and implementation of managing of results would improve staff moral. A change in the reporting structure for the operations and evaluation unit. The organization examined the reporting quality, integrity of analysis and structure and accountability of its evaluation work in 2020 – 2021.

The change in reporting will allow offices to better operate under the general direction of the President, Secretary and Advisor for matters such as high-level, board range dialogues with external counterparts.


The committee recommended approval of the organization’s proposed 2020 – 2021. Budget for internal administrative expenses and annual capital expenditures. The proposed internal administrative budget is higher than in past year. The Budget may increase significantly in future years should it include the cost of the independent.

The committee raised several questions regarding the adequacy of staff resources allocation and was informed that staff and budget resources were extremely tight impart because work has become increasingly complex in recent year as a result multiple policy mandates and compliance requirements, it recommended developing in-house capability and organizational memory and that consultant be used prudently and judiciously. A meeting was held in March 2021 to discuss the work programmes of the organization and to review budget. The Executive Committee also reviewed the process on implementing the recommendations it made during the year 2020 – 2021 budget deliberations.

The Committee recommended approval of the proposed 2020 – 2021 budget on the presence of General Body Members. It noted the contributions and achievement of the PROGREESS and welcomed the increase in resources allocated to capacity building and training and the enhanced inter coordination other connecting organizations.

The Committee noted the progress made to date on the recognition and express concern on the operational support, quality assurance, and compliance role of the local and regional territorial suggested that necessary changes be implemented as early as possible.

To make its more meaningful service and effective, the Executive Committee proposed quarterly meeting and also the Secretary schedule the Executive Committee meeting – Annual budget meeting before the budget document preparation is aware. Several changes to improve the format and presentation of the budget were suggested and the need for more communication with the Executive on budget matters was stressed.


The Committee reviews a balanced selection and evaluation studies and presented its assessment to the Executive Body. The report also presented over all conclusion and recommendation from discussion with other members. The committee expresses its satisfaction that evaluation activities had generally been adequate and efficient to improve organizational management and effectiveness.

The Committee also recommended that future report go beyond statistical reporting to identify lessons for development effectiveness.


In 2020 October the inspection committee was held. The committee submitted its report to the Governing body, it recommended that the governing body authorize an inspection of the project with allow the process for grievance redress put in place to the Government in consultation with the organization take place. However, the committee reserved to right to bring forward the proposed time table for commencement of the field inspection should it becomes evident to the committee that the grievance redress process was likely to be successful. The Governing body approved the committee recommendation the Executive Committee receive the report on the grievance redress process, additional information (The committee formed 4 expert members).


The Executive Body and working group set for the general direction of 2020 – 2021. Last working closely with management and staffs are taking into account for the responses of Annual Report. This year’s report clearly demonstrates, that how PROGREESS is optimizing its organizational effectiveness and resources? How it is progressing towards achieving the different plan and programmes? And how it is successful implementation different programmes etc.?