Though the Secretary Mr. Saroj Ranjan Patnaik had been got International awarded, whole timer social worker/thinker and engaged in Rescue and Relief activities during natural calamities which mostly have their gruesome effect in the coastal area of Odisha since 1991, starting the sustainable programmes and projects with in his mind and he was able to organize PROGREESS in 1998-1999. It was registered as a society and regular nature of Capacity Building training, awareness, health services and research and Development works started due to which the organization got a distinct mark in whole Odisha. It is now able to also facilitate and promote the various Governmental programmes and projects relating to women and Child development /empowerment, Socio-economic development. Right to Information, Poverty alleviation, Neo-humanistic ecology, Bio-Psycho- Cosmology, Monitoring & Evaluation, culture etc.

The aims:

  • To promote universal cooperation between each other and rise their rights in backward destitute.
  • To help particularly the poorer, low – income countries in pursuit of their social and economical advancement.

The means:

  • By providing in support of technical/physically assistance, food aid, research, similar activities and humanitarian emergency relief.
  • By contributing to the resources of other development institutions whose work benefits underserved area.