Formation of Global Model Village

(For the Economic and Social Regeneration of Sahapur village in Hinjilicut Block)


The phrase Progressive Utilization Theory summarizes a great deal of its plans. “Progressive”implies that Proutist plans must flexibly change to the specific time, location, and situation so as to best meet the needs of all sides of society and environment. “Utilization” implies maximum utilization of available resources, and 100% employment of people able to work. This does not mean extracting the maximum amount of natural resources, but rather using and re-using materials which are already being cycled through the system of consumption. Similarly, full employment would utilize those from within a given area rather than outsourcing work to other regions.

Pragatishiila Utkal Samaj is going to adopt the PROUT model Global ideal village a system that places the value of life before the value of objects or money. It designed to stimulate the poor to take responsibility for their own advancement, while ensuring everyone’s ongoing success via democratic representation and by placing limits on how much wealth could be accumulated. Included sustainability and maximum usage with minimum quantity in the proutist view.

India will provide good governance i.e, corruption free administration through moralist and socially committed strong leadership. Assurance of sustained economic growth through economic democracy minimum requirements of life to all such as food, clothing, health care, education and shelter. Increasing purchasing power to each and every individual through job/employment. Power to make all economic decisions by the local people. As economic liberation is the birth right of every individual. Harmony between Rural and Urban economics…A balance between agriculture and industrials developments and it should eco-Rational distribution is another core aspect to Prout, referring to distributing the materials and products of the land and market in a manner that helps the largest number of people develop to their personal and community potential. This also represents the flexible thinking of Prout in the ways that it recommends necessary materials to be distributed in ways that would facilitate accomplishing the goals of a day’s work.


  • All the resources in a socio-economic zone should be controlled by the local people.
  • Production should be based on consumption, not profit.
  • Production and distribution should be organized through co-operatives.
  • The local people must be employed in local economic enterprises.
  • Commodities which are not locally produced should be removed from the local markets.

Others:    Middlemen not allowed. Modernization of agriculture, Machine tools station, Farmers brigade, Consumer and producer co-operative, to improve purchasing capacity, Economic decentralization, guaranteed minimum requirement. Set up economic democracy (Economic Liberalization). And more…..